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From now on I will post news and updates from my blog's sponsors in irregular intervals. This is not only a tribute to my sponsors, but also a service to my readers, because this will get you fresh news and information and lots of opportunities for e.g. free webinars, to win cool swag etc.

So here is this year's first edition of my sponsor news ...


3CX has announced that their VOIP software Phone System has achieved the VMware ReadyTM status.

What does that mean? I remember well the times when we were virtualizing our physical servers and had endless discussions with application vendors, because they refused to support their applications on VMware virtualized servers. This is still happening, especially with smaller vendors that may have monopolized markets for niche products and do not have to fear much competition.

This is a really annoying behavior of some application vendors, but luckily there are others that behave the opposite way: They accept and welcome server virtualization as the new deployment standard, happily test and even certify their software to run on virtual servers, and expressively support installing and running it on e.g. VMware vSphere virtual machines. For these vendors VMware has created the VMware Ready program a while ago.

So for 3CX this is a very smart move that gains them a real competitive advantage!


As an hommage to the Star Wars movies' trilogy Veeam has announced the DR Wars, a series of webinars that teaches Virtualization admins to master the challenges of Disaster Recoveries using Veeam products.

This sounds like fun, so hurry up, register and don't miss the opportunity to win the new Google Glass :-) (or at least some Pizza coupons)! The first part "Episode IV - a new host" takes place tomorrow (May 13th) already.


Competitor Unitrends is also launching a series of webcasts about Best practices for Data Protection & Recovery in Virtual Environments. Register and download a free and excellent E-Guide that does not only cover the best practices, but also offers very clear and instructive real world examples.


Opvizor has published a white paper titled In-depth analysis of Virtual Infrastructures vs. Monitoring that explains how their product that does a predictive analysis of your vSphere environment is superior to and complements simple monitoring solutions.

The white paper is available from their Solution's page in both English and German.

This post first appeared on the VMware Front Experience Blog and was written by Andreas Peetz. Follow him on Twitter to keep up to date with what he posts.

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