[Release] vSphere 5.0 Update 2 and ESXi 5.1 Build 914609

VMware has released Update 2 for vCenter 5.0 (both the Windows version and the Linux appliance) and ESXi 5.0:

2012: A year of blogging and tooling

It's this time of the year again ... time to look back on what you have achieved this year ... the time of annual reviews, and here is mine.

Finally...: HP Online Firmware Updates for ESXi

If you have VMware ESXi running on an HP ProLiant server then you had to take it down for updating the firmware of its hardware components and boot it with the Service Pack for ProLiant Boot CD ... until now!

How to clone ESXi 5

I recently received an e-mail with the following question: How do I copy an ESXi installation from a USB key drive on to the internal hard disk of my computer? Normally you would answer like this: You don't do it. You backup the ESXi configuration (e.g. with the vicfg-backup tool), install a fresh copy of ESXi on your hard disk and then restore the saved ESXi configuration.