HP & VMware Links

This is a list of links to HP software (drivers, firmware, ...) and documentation related to VMware vSphere. It is not meant to be complete and focuses on the HP hardware and the VMware products that I use, but also includes information that is useful for all HP and VMware users.
General notes:
  • If a link does not work for you try the [alternate link] which will launch a Google search for the software item on hp.com (works much better than the HP internal search)
  • To check if there are any newer versions of a software item available look at its "Revision History" tab
If you find a link to be broken or have any comments then please drop me a note via email to hplinks(at)v-front.de.

General links
HP customized VMware ESX(i) installation ISOs
(*) These ISOs are no longer being updated by HP (see their advisories c03185813 and c03451532)

HP Online Depot for ESXi 5.x/6.x
SmartComponents for Online Firmware Updates
  • are now included in the ProLiant Support Pack CD (see General Links)