v-Front (VMware Front Experience) is a blog about real-life challenges, problems, caveats, bugs, ... that you encounter when you run a reasonably large VMware environment for server virtualization.
It is not focused on the latest news from cloud vendors covering their announcements, new products, and so on, unless I find something really exciting in this area. I'm going to write about the VMware features I use and the problems I stumbled over (and how I solved them) in my own environment. I also like writing about advanced technical topics that are related to virtualization and answering questions that no one has answered before in a way that is commonly understandable.

In addition to that I developed several tools related to VMware ESXi that I make available here. Browse the top menu to discover them, they are all free and GPLed!

If you have any questions or problems that might fit in here, but are not yet covered, then please drop me a mail at

About me:
My name is Andreas Peetz, and I used to manage a VMware environment in the German location of a large global pharmaceutical company. We are using VMware products since about 2004, and the environment has grown from a single team's test bed to a business critical strategic hosting platform that we offer as a service to all our internal customers. A while ago I switched to the role of a Virtualization Engineer.

I write this blog in English to reach as many people as possible. However, my native language is German, so you can send me mails in both languages.

In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 I received the vExpert award from VMware for my contribution to the virtualization community.

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