vCenter SSO update/installation oddities and hints

I have just updated my lab with the recently released vSphere 5.1 Update 1 and want to share some oddities I encountered with the Single Sign On (SSO) component.

[Release] VMware Converter 5.1, finally with GPT support!

After a long public beta test VMware has released an important update to its free Converter product: version 5.1.

What's new

[Release] vSphere 5.1 Update 1

VMware has released Update 1 for vCenter Server 5.1 and ESXi 5.1:
Both updates include tons of bug fixes. Here are some highlights of what issues were fixed (read the release notes for a full list):

HP Offline Bundles April 2013 Updates

HP has recently released updated Offline Bundles that are available in the directory Unlike the other release directories (feb2013 was the latest up to now) it is not (yet) properly set up as an Online Depot, so you can not add it as a download source to Update Manager.

How to vMotion from Intel to AMD - and why not to do it.

Have you ever been bugged by a vMotion Compatibility check error that you couldn't really explain e.g. while you tried to put a host into maintenance mode for doing some urgent work?

Have you ever dreamed of live migrating VMs from a cluster of hosts with Intel CPUs to another cluster of hosts with AMD CPUs (in a hardware migration scenario or just for fun)?

How to build device drivers for ESXi 5.x - Update

A while ago I posted about How to build device drivers for ESXi 5.x and pointed you to Dave Mishchenko's forums where trickstarter has started a series of awesome blog posts on this topic. Here is an update ...

The VMware Tools GUI is gone - Now what?

If you run Windows VMs on VMware ESXi 5.1 hosts or Workstation 9 then you may have noticed that VMware silently made an important change to the recent VMware Tools (for Windows) versions. Older versions exposed a GUI for configuring and using the VMware Tools that was accessible via a tray icon and a Control Panel applet. With the latest version this GUI has been replaced by simple "About" box that just shows the VMware Tools service status and build number:
The reduced GUI of VMware Tools version 9

A VMware Storage vMotion riddle - survey results and resolution

A week ago I invited you to think about a little riddle concerning something I called "self-referential Storage vMotion". What happens if you try to migrate a VM on to a datastore that this VM provides itself? Here is the resolution: