[Release] vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1b

VMware has released vCenter server 5.1 Update 1b:
There are some interesting and important bug fixes included. Here are some highlights:

Issues fixed in vCenter 5.1 Update 1b
  • Performance data not displayed in the Web Client when using the German locale
  • No plugins being displayed in the Web Client if legacy plugins are enabled 
  • Exporting a host's logs from the Web Client could hang all VMs on this host if the log option HungVM was selected. This option was removed from log export.
  • All virtual machine folders on a VMFS volume are deleted after a single virtual machine folder is attempted for delete resulting in failure, and you choose Delete again by using the Datastore Browser (Doh!)
Update 1b is cumulative, that means it also includes all fixes of Update 1 and 1a. In fact it replaces Update 1 and 1a and is recommended for new installations of vCenter 5.1 or upgrades from earlier versions.

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