[Release] ESXi 5.1 Build 1157734

VMware has released a patch for its current hypervisor: ESXi 5.1 Build 1157734:
There are some interesting and important bug fixes included. Here are some highlights:

Issues fixed in ESXi 5.1 Build 1157734
  • When connecting a client device CD-ROM to a VM using the vSphere Client the VM would freeze if the network connection to the client broke.
  • The new vmx parameter ethernetx.checkMACAddress (when set to false) allows VMs to be powered on even if their manually defined MAC address is not in the allowed range
  • Random disconnects of ESXi 5.1 hosts from vCenter due to problems with the heartbeat thread
  • CIM sfcbd going out of service when the HP SMX CIM provider is installed
  • VMware Tools fix for compiling the vmci driver on Linux kernel 3.8
  • Driver updates: net-e1000 and scsi-hpsa
  • A security fix that resolves a stability issue (uh?)
I have updated my ESXi Patch Matrix to include the new build.

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