The v-Front Challenge #1: Win cool prizes sponsored by Trainsignal!

A while back I posted a riddle (about VMware Storage VMotion) for you to solve, just for fun ... I got a lot of positive feedback for that, so I will run a similar contest again starting today. But this time there are some cool prizes to win that were sponsored by Trainsignal ...

The first prize is the awesome Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse - IT Survival Kit that is a backpack (with laptop storage) filled with TrainSignal Zombie Apocalypse t-shirt, a pocket-size nerf gun, TrainSignal dog-tag, pen, notepad, chap stick, and a travel coffee mug:

This will be given away to the one that provides the best (not necessarily the quickest!) answer to my new quiz (see The Quiz below). In addition the winner will receive a certificate for 30 days free training from Trainsignal!

For those of you who don't want to tease their brain there is a second option (a simple drawing) to win one of another three gift certificates for 30 days of free training (see The Raffle below). Of course you can also choose both options.

The Quiz

To qualify for the first prize (the "Trainsignal IT Survival Kit" plus a 30 day training voucher) you need to answer a tough question about VMware ESXi patch bundles. But if you have read some of my past blog posts about updating ESXi then this should not be too much of a problem for you ;-)

Fill in this inline form to enter the quiz. If the form is not properly displayed here then open it in a separate window by clicking on this link.

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The Raffle

Entering the raffle is easy if you just follow these steps:
1. Fill in your name and a valid e-mail address in the widget below and click on "Begin".
2. Next to "Enter by E-mail address (mandatory) click on "Click to begin".
3. Important: Then press the "Submit Entry" button!!
4. You will then have three additional options to earn more entries to the raffle: +1 for following Trainsignal and/or me on Twitter, +5 for tweeting about this giveaway! Be sure to press the associated "Submit Entry" button in each case!

Note: Both the quiz and the raffle will be closed on Wednesday, July 3rd at 21:00 CEST = 3:00pm US EST = 12:00pm US PST! (In non-US time zones the GiveawayTools widget above will display an incorrect closing time - nevermind!)

I'm looking forward to your answers to the quiz and wish you all good luck with the raffle!
Thanks for participating and sharing!


  1. Awesome contest!
    Count me in. Good luck everyone :)

  2. I'm thinking my nephew would love this one, and I clicked over to see. I was totally correct. ;)


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