[Update] ESXi-Customizer Powershell script version 1.2

Following up on some user feedback I updated my ESXi-Customizer-PS (Powershell) script to version 1.2. I introduced this script in the last part of my ImageBuilder Deep Dive series (see also part 1 and 2). This version adds advanced features by providing the following new optional command line parameters:
  • -ipname  : provide a name for the customized ImageProfile (the default is derived from the cloned VMware ImageProfile)
  • -sip : manually select an ImageProfile from the current list (default = auto-select latest available ImageProfile)
  • -hprel <mon>  : select HP packages from release dated <mon> (e.g. jun2012) (default = select latest available HP packages)
Please download the latest version of the script from my Google Code page.

Use the command line parameter -help for complete usage instructions:

ESXi-Customizer-PS v1.2 help screen

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