2014: Year-end review

2014 - the fourth year of V-Front - is coming to an end. Like in the last years I have a list of highlights that I want to share - in case you missed any of them ...


The very first post of 2014 was about my ESXi-Customizer and ESXi-Customizer-PS tools. There I declared ESXi-Customizer deprecated, and I have not updated it since then. Instead I enhanced ESXi-Customizer-PS to support VIB files - so the only drawback that it still has today is the lack of a decent GUI.

I hoped that my VMware Fling Contest entry would have changed that, but sadly the jury did not pick my submission. BTW Congratulations to the winner Zachary Widing: his suggestion to update the Onyx fling to support the vSphere Web Client was just a no-brainer ...

So I need to build the GUI for ESXi-Customizer-PS myself - a nice coding project for 2015 that I'm really looking forward to!

Blog post highlights

What was hot in 2014:

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I wish all of you ...

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  1. I found your blog a while ago, and let me tellya, it has been INVALUABLE when it came to learning how to make my ESXi whitebox work. It kept showing up in search results for the problems I was having, so I just bookmarked it. Thanks for all your work, Andreas!

  2. Many thanks for all your work, your site is a real asset as you explain stuff in a simple to understand way :)
    Happy holidays!


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