Finally...: HP Online Firmware Updates for ESXi

If you have VMware ESXi running on an HP ProLiant server then you had to take it down for updating the firmware of its hardware components and boot it with the Service Pack for ProLiant Boot CD ... until now!

HP has released the first version of its VMware Smart Components. This is a set of ESXi executables that you can run in an ESXi shell to update the firmware online! Another way to use these components is through HP Insight Control for vCenter.
What a great early Christmas present from HP!


  1. Hello ,

    Does VMware update manger support this bundle?


    1. No, this is not something that you can use with Update Manager. But you can use HP Insight Control for vCenter for central deployment through vCenter.

  2. How to push the Firmware updates to all of the HP Blades and DL servers ?

  3. Hi,
    Do you need to do anything special to get the nice Virtual Connect diagrams to appear? I've installed the plugin but when clicking on diagram, i get the no virtual connect info. When look at the stats - there is data.


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