New page: HP & VMware links

I had this plan for some time now: Providing a list with links to HP drivers and firmware downloads and useful documents for VMware ESX(i).

Why? Because it is so hard to find this stuff on the HP pages ... Currently they are revamping their web pages, and I thought maybe this is getting better now, and that they would finally begin to provide their downloads in a well structured way making it easy to find the stuff again and link to it. But they didn't - it looks like they are just changing the layout of the web pages and are trying to break their own ridiculous world record for the longest URLs.

Okay, enough grumbling. Here is the list. Of course it is far from complete and mainly covers the hardware that I'm using myself (that makes sure that I will keep it up to date), but I believe that everyone using VMware on HP hardware will find it useful.

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