Feature request: Add sudo to ESXi to make AD integration a success story

Recently I posted about (undocumented) improvements in the area of AD integration, but it looks like I missed a very important point:

You can log on to a local or remote console using an AD account that has administrative rights, but you won't have root privileges in this session, e.g. you cannot edit any configuration files, restart services etc. To gain root rights you need to use the su command, but that means that you still need to know and enter the password of the root user! From a compliance standpoint this is not acceptable, because the whole point of AD integration is that each VMware administrator uses his AD account for administration and does not even know the root password - to make sure that each change to the system can easily be related to a personal account (Well, for emergency cases e.g. when AD authentication is not available you still need someone who knows the root password or e.g. has it written down on a piece of paper in a sealed envelope).

The easiest way to achieve this would be to use the sudo command in the ESXi shell to run commands in root context without the need to know root's password. This is common practice when managing Unix/Linux servers. Now the point is: sudo used to be available in ESX, but it is not available in ESXi.

So I have a simple feature request for VMware: Add sudo to ESXi! It is the missing piece that would make AD integration a success story, finally.

If you agree and also feel bothered by this, please vote for this feature request in the VMware Community forums, where I opened this thread for that. Thank you all for voting/commenting and special thanks to Masa who brought this to my attention in the comments of my above mentioned post!

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