vSphere 4.1 Update 2 released - What's in it for me (and you)

VMware released Update 2 for vSphere 4.1 on Oct 27th. It includes numerous bug fixes for the vCenter server and client (see VC resolved issues) and ESXi (see ESXi resolved issues).

 I will list some of the fixes here, because I personally welcome them very much, and I'm sure that others will feel the same:
  • The vSphere client performed badly with Windows 7, because of frequent screen-redraws when the Windows desktop composition feature was enabled. The only workaround was to disable desktop composition while running the vSphere client. This should be fixed now.
  • There are multiple fixes and enhancements to ESXi syslogging:
    • If ESXi fails to reach the syslog server while booting, it now keeps retrying it every 10 minutes.
    • Very long syslog messages (like these produced by the vpxagent ...) are no longer truncated or split into multiple lines. If you are using a third-party solution like Splunk for collecting syslog messages then you will certainly welcome this, because it is nearly impossible to handle split messages correctly with them.
  • But the most important issue that is resolved in Update 2 is this: "Virtual machine with large amounts of RAM (32GB and higher) loses pings during vMotion". Uh, what? VMs losing pings when being vMotioned? Yes, this can really happen (without Update 2), and I personally experienced this problem: When one of two clustered Microsoft Exchange 2010 VM with 48GB RAM was vMotioned it lost network connectivity for more than 15 seconds (between 20 and 30% of the vMotion progress) which triggered a cluster failover. We have not yet checked if this particular issue is really resolved now with Update 2, but VMware Support had put us off to it when we complained about that, so there is a good chance ...

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  1. Also, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager(SRM) 4.1.2 has been released.

    See release notes here:



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