First post: About v-Front

v-Front (VMware Front Experience) is a blog about real-life challenges, problems, caveats, bugs, ... that you encounter when you run a reasonably large VMware environment for server virtualization.
It is not focused on the latest news from cloud vendors covering their announcements, new products, and so on, unless I find something really exciting in this area. I'm going to write about the VMware features I use and the problems I stumbled over (and how I solved them) in my own environment.
If you any questions or problems that might fit in here, but are not yet covered, then please drop me a mail at

About me:
I manage a VMware environment in the German location of a large global pharmaceutical company. We are using VMware products since about 2004, and the environment has grown from a single team's test bed to a business critical strategic hosting platform that we offer as a service to all our internal customers.
I write this blog in English to reach as many people as possible. However, my native language is German, so you can send me mails in both languages.

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